DIY Self Help

Are you having trouble with your Heating or Air Conditioning System? Check out these simple DIY self help items.


System Freezing Up:  If your system is freezing up, generally it’s one of two things.  Low on refrigerant or airflow restriction.  Generally if the indoor piece is freezing up then your refrigerant levels are off balance and you will need a contractor.  If your outdoor unit is freezing up then you may have a dirty, clogged or wet filter.  If cold air can’t pass through the coil, it will freeze everything up and cause your house to be warmer and more humid.

Furnace is Leaking:  Water is not used in heating or cooling mode, this is a condensation or drain line issue.  If your unit is leaking water in AC season, you may try clearing the drain line / tube.  We recommend running hot water through the line or pvc and or bleach at least once per year.

No power to the System:  Check the thermostat, make sure it doesn’t take batteries and replace if needed.  Check the breaker panel to make sure that neither the AC or furnace breaker has blown.  Reset breakers and thermostat for a short period to try to reset communication with the circuit board.  There may also be a furnace switch (light switch) that can help reboot the system.  If the system is kicking on but turning off quickly, you may want to also check the drain line.  The system will shut itself off if it detects the drain backing up.

Cooling but not well:  Did you know that most units will only cool 20-25 degrees from the outdoor “feels like” temperature (especially when very humid)?  This is based on direct sunlight coming in, ceiling style (vaulted, etc), attic and basement insulation, windows, etc.

Please check back frequently for future DIY self help information.