Thank you for allowing Pro Source Heating & Air Conditioning to assist you with your home warranty claim. There are typically a lot of questions on how the home warranty process and claims work so we’ve created the below outline to set proper expectations.   This page is still a work in progress, so please check back frequently for new data.

***Truth in Reporting Notice – we are contracted and licensed to work for home warranty.  Within the contract, we have sworn to report all information accurately and to the best of our ability in regards to repair VS replacement equipment.  Any requests to make false accusations on the mechanics or operation of equipment must be reported to home warranty per our Workmanship guarantee.***

Dispatched – When a dispatch is sent to us, we have 24 business hours to acknowledge the dispatch and another 24 business hours to schedule the visit per home warranty’s guidelines. In the event we or your home warranty’s other contractors are overbooked, your home warranty will give you the option of using a vendor of your choice. If you forego that offer, you will be subject to receiving an appointment based on our soonest availability in your area.

Appointments – In most cases appointments are automatically scheduled in the order received then based on logistics. You will receive a text and / or an email with a 4 hour appointment window. Once that has been created, we try to call at minimum of the day before to confirm the appointment and the problem you are experiencing to make notes for our technician.

Call Aheads – Our service technicians always call or text when they are enroute with an ETA. Please be available by phone during your scheduled time window to confirm to technician that you are in fact home. In many cases we are subject to “no shows” and cannot justify driving from point A to point B which may be up to a 1 hour travel time one-way without speaking to someone to verify they’re home and have not forgotten about their appointment or the unit began working.

Diagnoses – Upon Arrival we will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

Stocked and universal parts can be repaired same day, however, anything exceeding $200 may require an approval and return visit once approved (see below Claims Adjusting Information)

OEM parts (have to be ordered) can have a lead time from the local distributor or may have to be shipped directly from the manufacturer. We cannot control availability.

-Minor Parts Repairs

If locally stocked and approved by home warranty, we will return typically within 24-72 business hours to make the repair.

If locally stocked but our pricing is too high, home warranty may make the decision to supply the part. This process could take up to 14 business days depending on the manufacturer’s availability and shipping lead times.

-Major Parts Repairs or Replacement Units

Anything requiring a repair over $200 requires approval which first requires parts / pricing and specification research on our end. Typically our office turns the service report in to home warranty within 24-48 hours after gathering information for the repair with local distributors and manufacturers in regards to availability and pricing. We also have to obtain the replacement part number to give to home warranty when calling in a claim and sometimes have to wait for distributors or manufacturers to provide this as in many cases part numbers are obsoleted and / or superceeded. Major repairs or replacement units may take up to 30 business days when home warranty is supplying the equipment. There is a cash out / buy out option which is listed below which will give you the option of using our equipment and having a faster turn around time.

Status Updates

Claims Adjusting

Rescheduling Repair / Install Visits